The Creative Play of Consciousness


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What is this inexplicable mystery we are a part of, that holds in itself the seed of life? What is it in you that observes your thoughts, feelings and experiences? What is consciousness? What happens when I die? What is true nature of reality? Today groundbreaking scientific discoveries throw new light on these questions, allowing a different understanding of our universe – from the smallest quantum elements to the largest galaxies. A radical scientific model which marks a fundamental paradigm shift, with striking similarities to ancient esoteric knowledge. Join a meeting with cutting edge scientists, philosophers and people with special gifts and experiences, who paint a rather different picture of our reality and who we really are.

Produced by New Paradigm Films by Ragnhild and Terje Toftenes, with financial support from OSO Hotwater Environment Fund.

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English dual-DVD PAL (European system), English dual-DVD NTSC (US system)