Lectures for the New Paradigm

Terje Toftenes is a widely acknowledged lecturer on various exciting topics related to the documentary films, and is renowned for extensive use of video and audiovisuals in his presentations.

The Creative Play of Consciousness

A new view on existential questions and the nature of reality

Living Health – a new holistic approach on health and medicine

Energy medicine, epigenetics and an expanded view of the human architecture, sets us on a new path in understanding health and illness.

The crop circle phenomenon

Crossovers from another dimension?

The UFO-phenomenon and the global truth embargo

For decades, people all over the world, military and aviation personell included, have observed non-identifiable objects in the skies. Is this more than just natural phenomena, and if so, why is recorded evidence covered up by a global truth embargo?

The Hessdalen Light Phenomenon

The small valley Hessdalen in a remote Norwegian mountain area, is know for strange light phenomena appearing like large glowing objects. What is this, and where does it come from?

Durtion 1-3 hours. Norwegian or English. Price on request.