Lectures for The New Paradigm

Terje Toftenes is a widely acknowledged lecturer on various exciting topics related to the documentary films, and is renowned for extensive use of video and audiovisuals in his presentations.

The Creative Play of Consciousness

What is this inexplicable mystery we are a part of, that holds in itself the seed of life? What is it in you that observes your thoughts, feelings and experiences? What is consciousness? What happens when I die? What is true nature of reality? 

Today new discoveries bring new light to these questions, allowing a different understanding of our universe. A radical scientific model which marks a fundamental paradigm shift.

Living Health – an expanded understanding of the body

What is governing the natural healing powers of the human body? What is the mysterious placebo effect? Why do we see a rapid increase of lifestyle diseases which modern medicine still is unable to cure? Are we looking in the wrong places, limiting our field of inquiry only to the materialistic paradigm?

Energy medicine, epigenetics and an expanded view of the human architecture, puts us on a new path towards understanding health and illness.

The UFO-phenomenon and the global truth embargo

What if we are not alone in the universe? And what if our governments since the late 1940’s have been aware of an extra terrestrial presence on Earth, but have collectively decided on a truth embargo to keep that knowledge away from the public?

What about the thousands of reports now surfacing from military personell, airline pilots, astronauts, radar operators and police officers all over the globe, confirming that the ET presence has been a hot topic behind the curtains for decades? How would a forthcoming Disclosure impact our society and affect our future?

The Hessdalen Light Phenomenon

For generations, mysterious lights have been observed in the remote valley of Hessdalen, Norway. On several occasions, large silvery objects have been seen by locals, hovering close to the treetops, often performing breakneck maneuvers and disappearing suddenly into outer space.

For the past 30 years, scientists have monitored and recorded the phenomenon. Emissions of wast amounts of energy has been measured from the lights, often several megawatts in strength and sometimes lasting for hours. Is it visitations from outer space or maybe a manifestation of an unknown energy source?

Each lecture can last from 1 to 3 hours. Norwegian or English. Price on request.