Documentary Film

The vision of our documentary films is to explore new paradigms and inspire to see an expanded world view 

Our modern world is likely to be confronted with the biggest paradigm shift ever in the perception of the nature of reality. Through our productions we wish to bring insights from the forefront of this development.


* “Dianas Messenger” – Princess Dianas spiritual message (2001)

* “CropCircles” – Crossovers from another dimension (2006)

* “The Portal” – The Hessdalen Light-phenomena (2008)

* “The Day Before Disclosure” – The global UFO-phenomena (2010)

* “Living Health” – An energy perspective on health and medicine (2012)

* “Ervin Laszlo” – His system theories and expanded world view (2013)

* “The Creative Play of Consciousness” Part 1 and 2 – A new view on existential questions and the nature of reality (2016)

* “Free from Cancer” – Upcoming film on the new understandings of underlying causes of cancer (2019)

Our films are initiated from our own personal interest in these topics, and are financed by own funds and external donations.