About New Paradigm Films

NEW PARADIGM FILMS A.S. is located on picturesque Nesøya Manor, immersed in nature, yet centrally in Asker, 15 km south of Oslo. Based on over 30 years of business in production of film, video and events, we have a broad expertise in the development of projects for both external customers and inhouse productions. Owners and creative producers are Terje Toftenes and Ragnhild Løken Toftenes. Projects are staffed up after need with regular partners, freelancers and subcontractors.

Terje Toftenes
Ragnhild Løken Toftenes

New Paradigm Films was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Norwegian based Toftenes Multivision AS, established in 1986. Toftenes Multivision was for long one of the leading manufacturers of multi-image, multi-media and video productions in Norway, and received several production awards domestically and abroad. The company was founded by Terje Toftenes, with a background from The Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation and the PR agency STAYER, and with education from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.